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Misawa Aviation & Science Museum, Aomori will be a source of information on the role Aomori Prefecture has been playing in the history of aviation. While children enjoy the themes of aviation and the sky, this facility will cultivate their interests in science and technology, which the Prefecture will be facilitating. The construction site will be located in one corner of the "Misawa Sky Park" which is maintained by the City of Misawa, a city with a long history of developing in aeronautics. Construction will be underway from now till its opening in fiscal year 2003.
Location: Kitayama 158, Misawa,Misawa City, Aomori
Materials: Metal Frames, Steel Reinforced Concrete
Dimensions: 2-story building with one part being 3 stories
Area: 10,869.487m2

Floor Map
Floor Map

Aviation Zone
This zone serves as an aviation museum,introducing aircraft and aviation histry related to Aomori Prefecture.
  • The 'Miss Veedol' (replica)
  • Kokenki (replica of an aircraft that successfully completed the world's longest-range flight)
  • 'No2'(Narahara-type)(replica)
  • YS-11(actual passenger plane)
  • Freefall experience device (Prove ?M),etc.
Science Zone
In this zone you will find a science museum with hands-on exhibits, consisiting of the Activity Field, Techno World, Discovery Land, and Science Lab.
  • Lunar gravity experience device
  • Infinite space experience device
  • Flight Simulator
  • Wind tunnel
  • Plasma Sphere, etc
Science Laboratory
This Laboratory is permanent facility established with the aim of increasing visitors' interest in science through displays of scientific experiments and science workshop.
Activity Field
Come here to 'experience' science with your eyes,ears,hands and body.
Techno World
What exactly is this thing called 'gravity' that hinders flighit? How do air currents make flight possible? Understand the theories and mechanisms bihind flight through the hands-on experiences made possible here.
Discovery Land
By looking at things that have the capacity for flight in nature and their flight mechanisms,explore ohenomena of the sky connected to the world of flight and the naturally occurring forms of energy that are behind these phenomena.

The Entrance is an open and bright space, with natural illumination.
The concept of the museum is manifestly displayed here, with a movable wooden monument representing the dream of flight in a fairytale style, and a mobile of white shining clouds in the sky.
Visible from the inner opening of the Entrance is a symbol of the aviation display, a working
replica of the 'Miss Veedol'.

Children's Square
Children's Square is a room with a large playset specially designed for preschool children to develop ways of looking and learning about Aviation and Science while emphasizing cooperation.
Wvent Hall
The Event Hall is a multi-purpose room used for events and programs, as well as science workshop for schools.
Cafe and Gift Shop
The Cafe and Gift Shop have a variety of commemorative gifts and science-related items. There is also a wide, open space looking onto Misawa 'Sky Park' for light refreshments.
A veriety of books and data related to aviation and science is available in the Library. An audio visual corner can also be found there.
Resting Room
A meeting lounge is available for purposes such as coordinating visiting groups and having lunch.
Aircraft taking off and landing, as well as the surrounding scenery, can be seen from the Terrace.

*Please refrain from photographing the military base facilities.

Main Transportration Access
  • From Aomori Airport by Car 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • From Misawa Airport by Car 6 minutes
  • From Misawa JR Station by Car 15 minutes
  • From the Hachinohe North Inter-change by Car 30 minutes
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